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Companies supported by us


Rage Bears was founded in 2016 as an organization to provide professional eSports.

Just have a look at us if you are looking for people to gamble or would like to build or lead a team.

RageBears is technically supported by IT.
We manage the TeamSpeak Server (connect here) and the SinusBots.
We also write for plugins for the SinusBot on their behalf.

~ Programming
~ Support
~ Administration
~ Advice

FC Gaming ASD., born in August 2015 as a Community For Fun, is a Multigaming that brings together only players who clash on electronic games. The Amateur Sports Association will be in April 2017.


PlayHosting LTD

We are an emerging new hosting company.

Our goal is simple: to sell good services at an affordable price, backed by the latest hardware generation, and above all, to try to provide the best possible after-sales service and support.

Every day we improve, but as much as we can, it will never be too much, and the next day the bar will be raised again

PlayHosting is supported by IT.
~ Administration
~ Advice

Human Connection

Human Connection is a nonprofit social network that connects information to action and promotes positive local and global change in all areas of life.

By people – for people.

Our goal is to reshape the public exchange of knowledge, ideas, and projects completely.

Human Connection's features bring people together - offline and online - to make the world a better place.

DEMOCRACY Germany eV (Discord)

With DEMOCRACY you can watch in real-time all past, current and future votes of the Bundestag.

Find out about the bills along the official documentation of the Bundestag.

Discuss the pros and cons of an application, bring in additional information and distribute Likes for the convincing.

Upkeep important legislative initiatives and vote on the motion even before the official Bundestag decision.

And compare your individual voting behavior with the community and the official Bundestag results.